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Brooklyn NY Bankruptcy Attorney – Bankruptcy Litigation Defense

• Are you being sued for fraudulent conveyance or preferences by a trustee?
• Has an objection been filed to your proof of claim?
• Are you involved in a bankruptcy proceeding for any other reason, but have not filed yourself?

If you are involved in bankruptcy litigation, have been pulled into a proceeding or must defend your proof of claim, you need expert legal counsel. Brooklyn NY bankruptcy attorney Rachel Blumenfeld is an experienced professional who will protect your best interests whether you’re being named in a trustee action, sued by a bankruptcy trustee, creditor or any other party involved in a bankruptcy case.

Ms. Blumenfeld defends non-bankrupt individuals and corporations who may be sued by trustees for fraudulent conveyance* or preferences**. These lawsuits can be initiated if it is believed that there has been an improper transfer of assets, including sales of goods below market value in the period before filing, or if the debtor has preferentially paid off certain creditors such as friends, family or other creditors.

If you have been pulled into a bankruptcy litigation, are being sued in bankruptcy court or are a creditor who is alleged to have received preferential treatment, Brooklyn, NY bankruptcy attorney Rachel Blumenfeld will defend and protect your rights under the bankruptcy law.

If you require expert bankruptcy litigation defense, call Ms. Blumenfeld today at 718-858-9600 to set up your free, 30 minute, no obligation initial consultation.

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*The illegal transfer of property to another party in order to defer, hinder or defraud creditors.
**Payments or transfers of assets to creditors that gives that creditor an advantage over other creditors within a specified period of time.

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