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Filing Personal Bankruptcy – Chapter 7 Attorney, Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn, NY Chapter 7 attorney
Have debts such as credit card balances, bank loans, court judgments or medical bills caused financial difficulties for you, your family or your business? You are not alone. In these troubled economic times, many people throughout the country have experienced financial hardship, and have considered filing personal bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 can help you eliminate credit card debt and get a fresh start.
If you are dealing with financial problems, a chapter 7 bankruptcy filing may be able to provide you with a fresh start by eliminating credit card debt and helping you put financial issues behind you. In a typical chapter 7 case, an individual debtor usually receives a prompt release of personal liabilities for dischargeable debts in exchange for the liquidation of non-exempt assets.

New York bankruptcy attorney Rachel Blumenfeld, a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Brooklyn, New York, will help you determine if filing personal bankruptcy and specifically a chapter 7 bankruptcy is the right choice for your individual situation. Her warm and understanding approach, combined with years of experience handling bankruptcy cases, helps to put your mind at ease, and put you back on the road to financial health.

The Chapter 7 process:

A chapter 7 bankruptcy is often filed by people who can’t keep up with minimum payments on their credit cards, and do not have considerable assets to protect. In most circumstances the paperwork can be completed in one day, as long as all required documentation has been provided. Once a case has been filed, it takes approximately 6 months for a client to receive their official discharge notice. About one month after filing, Rachel will attend the mandatory 341 meeting of creditors with you.

To begin, call Ms. Blumenfeld today to setup your no obligation, free 30 minute, initial bankruptcy consultation: 718-858-9600, to determine your eligibility.

To be eligible to file a chapter 7 case, you must take a credit counseling course before filing. Once you have filed, in order to be eligible for a discharge of debt, you must receive court approved debtor education. In order to properly prepare the petition Ms. Blumenfeld will need your last 6 months of pay-stubs or other income verification in order to analyze whether you will pass the means test. See “Should I file for bankruptcy” for a list of documents. Chapter 7 cases are subject to random audit by the office of the United States Trustee. If you have filed a previous chapter 7 proceeding, you will have to wait 8 years before filing another one.

Most people who come to Ms. Blumenfeld for legal advice inquire about changes to the bankruptcy laws. With her up to date knowledge of the current Bankruptcy Code, Rachel Blumenfeld will give you her professional opinion on your eligibility under the new law.

Filing personal bankruptcy may be complicated and finding a good bankruptcy lawyer is important. In choosing Brooklyn, NY chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney Rachel Blumenfeld, you will not only have a strong advocate for your rights, but a caring professional who will help reduce the stress of dealing with your financial problems.

Call Ms. Blumenfeld today to setup your no obligation, free 30 minute, initial bankruptcy consultation: 718-858-9600, in her Brooklyn, NY office.

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