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Should I File For Bankruptcy? Client Section

Current economic conditions have caused financial hardships for many individuals and businesses, prompting them to ask “should I file for bankruptcy?”

If you have found your way to this page, you are probably tired of harassing phone calls and the multitude of stresses that financial woes bring. Bankruptcy may be a complicated process. To find out if it is an appropriate strategy for your unique situation, please call 718-858-9600 to schedule a free bankruptcy consultation with NYC bankruptcy lawyer Rachel Blumenfeld. She will generally require the following information:

• A copy of your last filed tax return.
• Pay-stubs for the last 60 days.
• Past 6 months of gross pay.
• If you are a homeowner, please provide us with an appraisal or proof of the value of your home.
• Your most recent mortgage statement.
• List of creditors: Either one copy of recent bills, or a list of the creditors, their names, addresses and amount owed.
• A credit report: click here to get your free credit report.

If you have wondered “should I file for bankruptcy?” Call NYC bankruptcy lawyer Rachel Blumenfeld at 858-9600, to schedule a free consultation and find out if any further documentation is needed.

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