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NYC Bankruptcy Attorney Defends Creditor’s Rights

Creditor’s rights in bankruptcy
Are you concerned that you may be harmed by a debtor’s case?
The bankruptcy code was developed to protect individuals and businesses. However, there are times when the system is abused and creditors rights must be defended. NYC bankruptcy attorney Rachel Blumenfeld protects creditors, helps you prevent losses and recover damages. Here are some of the circumstances where a creditor lawyer can help:

• To challenge discharge of a particular debt.
• To defend a secured creditor’s* interests in a bankruptcy case.
• To ensure that a proof of claim** is properly filed.
• To prevent a debtor from abusing the bankruptcy system.
• To assist landlords in obtaining relief from the Court to evict debtor tenants.
• To provide defense against a debtor’s attack for possible violations of the automatic stay.

NYC bankruptcy attorney Rachel Blumenfeld is a vigorous defender of creditors rights for individuals, businesses, landlords and insurance companies. She is frequently hired to appear “of counsel” for other lawyers that represent secured creditors seeking relief in the Bankruptcy Court.

Ms. Blumenfeld also represents bankruptcy trustees in adversarial proceedings to recover property and assets of an estate, such as when a trustee sues a party for preferences or fraudulent conveyance actions.

Creditor lawyer Rachel Blumenfeld represents both New York individuals and businesses. With years of service and a firm knowledge of the latest laws, Ms. Blumenfeld will protect you under the Bankruptcy Code.

Defending creditors rights in bankruptcy
If you are looking for experienced counsel to defend your creditor rights, call 718-858-9600 or contact Ms. Blumenfeld via email today to set up your free, no obligation initial consultation.

*Creditors who hold security in the form of liens sufficient to cover the amount that the debtor owes, as in a security interest in an automobile by the lender that financed its purchase or a mortgage on a real property.

**A document filed by creditors with the courts to verify position as holder of debts.

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